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Mar. 30th, 2017 09:41 am
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Harry smiled as he walked into the coffee shop, early. He wanted caffeine and a danish in him so he could face Airy and let her know how he felt. He liked her, even more than he let on, and thought she was hot, so very hot. She was an amazing person and she had actually agreed to meet him.

That was amazing to him. But he was there, standing in line, ordering, then turning to look around and see if she was there before finding a table.

He wore an outfit that hugged his body closely, having made the mistake of letting Hermione know he was meeting a girl. he wasn't entirely comfortable with how closely the outfit hugged him, but he trusted her.

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Airy had decided to wear a cute yellow dress to meet Harry. She was a little nervous about it, he was really nice and fun to talk to and cute... she forced her mind to stop and focused instead on breathing. If she got to nervous her powers might act up and she didn't really want that to happen right now.

She pushed the door open and stepped inside. Her dark down hair was pulled back and twisted over her right shoulder, leaving one side of her neck bare. A smile smile pulled across her lips as she spotted Harry and she walked over to his table.

"Hi. Um..." She paused before looking back at the line. "I'm going to get coffee first. I'll be right back." It sounded a little more awkward than Airy intended as she stepped towards the line to get coffee.

As she moved she couldn't help think: Was he watching her?


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