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Age: 43
Time Zone: CST

Character Information

Name: Harry Potter
Canon: Harry Potter
Canon Point: just after the end of the war, on his 18th birthday
Age: 18
Gender: male
Character Build: slim, muscular, fair skilled, a little acne, dark hair, light green-blue eyes.

The Man Who Lived

1 Brave
2 loyal
3 curious
4 arrogant
5 loving
6 needy
7 shy
8 anxious
9 afraid
10 somewhat paranoid
11 Ambitious

Powers: Harry is a wizard who can cast spells using his mind. Most of the time, he uses words and a wand as a focus, but he doesn't have to. Examples of spells he can do are 'Reparo' which will repair small things like glasses or a hem, 'Accio' which summons any one thing he has seen or touched to him across close or great distances, 'Aguamenti' which fires a stream of water from the tip of the wand, or the tip of his finger, 'Alohomora' which opens locks, 'Expelliarmus' which disarms people and if enough force is put behind it, also causes them to be thrown to the ground, 'Lumos' which creates a light at the tip of a wand or finger, 'Protego' which causes spells to bounce back on their sender, and 'Wingardium Leviosa', which levitates an object upward. These are just examples of the hundreds of single and multiple word spells that Harry knows and can use easily.

Permissions post.

NOTE for Cyclic: Harry will be able to use any spells that are listed in current canon. Please note that it will have different affects on magic native to Cycle. More information will open up on magic in the future.
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Harry Potter

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