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Harry smiled as he walked into the coffee shop, early. He wanted caffeine and a danish in him so he could face Airy and let her know how he felt. He liked her, even more than he let on, and thought she was hot, so very hot. She was an amazing person and she had actually agreed to meet him.

That was amazing to him. But he was there, standing in line, ordering, then turning to look around and see if she was there before finding a table.

He wore an outfit that hugged his body closely, having made the mistake of letting Hermione know he was meeting a girl. he wasn't entirely comfortable with how closely the outfit hugged him, but he trusted her.
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Harry finished his text, then tapped the phone with his wand. "Locatio." A glowing green arrow formed over the phone and Harry squared his shoulders, stuck the tip of his wand into the arrow and spoke softly. "Apparitio." He didn't have top speak it, but when he was doing a new spot, he always did.

And his vanished, and appeared, right behind someone.

"Pardon me, Camille?"
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Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Only if discussed first
Fourthwalling: Don't mind.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Very little offends me, but if you are worried, poke me.


Hugging this character: Harry will be startled, but hugs are okay.
Kissing this character: Harry will be even more startled, and suspicious, but wont freak out.
Flirting with this character: Harry will have no idea what to do, but go for it.
Fighting with this character: I prefer discussion first.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Discussion first. As long as it is repairable, I have no problem with injuries, if discussed.
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Discuss first. Harry's mind will be somewhat resistant due to his training, but I have no problem with this resistance being broken, as long as you know he will know your character did it, and will be pissed off.

Warnings: Harry has quite a lot of magic at his disposal. Are there things you are not comfortable with him doing? Do you want more information? Please comment here!

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Age: 43
Time Zone: CST

Character Information

Name: Harry Potter
Canon: Harry Potter
Canon Point: just after the end of the war, on his 18th birthday
Age: 18
Gender: male
Character Build: slim, muscular, fair skilled, a little acne, dark hair, light green-blue eyes.

The Man Who Lived

1 Brave
2 loyal
3 curious
4 arrogant
5 loving
6 needy
7 shy
8 anxious
9 afraid
10 somewhat paranoid
11 Ambitious

Powers: Harry is a wizard who can cast spells using his mind. Most of the time, he uses words and a wand as a focus, but he doesn't have to. Examples of spells he can do are 'Reparo' which will repair small things like glasses or a hem, 'Accio' which summons any one thing he has seen or touched to him across close or great distances, 'Aguamenti' which fires a stream of water from the tip of the wand, or the tip of his finger, 'Alohomora' which opens locks, 'Expelliarmus' which disarms people and if enough force is put behind it, also causes them to be thrown to the ground, 'Lumos' which creates a light at the tip of a wand or finger, 'Protego' which causes spells to bounce back on their sender, and 'Wingardium Leviosa', which levitates an object upward. These are just examples of the hundreds of single and multiple word spells that Harry knows and can use easily.

Permissions post.

NOTE for Cyclic: Harry will be able to use any spells that are listed in current canon. Please note that it will have different affects on magic native to Cycle. More information will open up on magic in the future.
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Harry sat there, listening to the crowd. He had been on the ship for awhile now, and he still felt a little out of place. Mostly because he had kept to himself. His life had been a strange one, a pathway of jumping from one universe to another, never at his own choice. He had been born to one place, thought he was a normal boy, then learned he was a wizard and whisked off to magic school.

Only, on the very night he arrived, he was swept away to a mysterious island in another universe, and taken in by a woman who called herself a Jedi Knight. He had found fictional accounts of the life he had been supposed to lead, back in his universe, and had firmly renounced them and it.

From the woman who raised him, he had learned to wield his talents in ways he had never dreamed of, and to wield a lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi. When hew as but eighteen, he had been torn away from her and the island he had known for seven years, and dropped on a train that sped across universes, and spent over a year there.

He had met a version of his mother there, and it had been hard for him to really deal with that. His choices had led to her and he not getting along, at all. And so he had come to firmly believe he did not belong anywhere. He had begun setting himself apart. A trip to his home universe, and another to the universe his teacher had come from had only reinforced those impressions and choices.

When he finally found himself here, nothing had changed. He interacted with others but he did not become one of them.


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