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Harry sat there, listening to the crowd. He had been on the ship for awhile now, and he still felt a little out of place. Mostly because he had kept to himself. His life had been a strange one, a pathway of jumping from one universe to another, never at his own choice. He had been born to one place, thought he was a normal boy, then learned he was a wizard and whisked off to magic school.

Only, on the very night he arrived, he was swept away to a mysterious island in another universe, and taken in by a woman who called herself a Jedi Knight. He had found fictional accounts of the life he had been supposed to lead, back in his universe, and had firmly renounced them and it.

From the woman who raised him, he had learned to wield his talents in ways he had never dreamed of, and to wield a lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi. When hew as but eighteen, he had been torn away from her and the island he had known for seven years, and dropped on a train that sped across universes, and spent over a year there.

He had met a version of his mother there, and it had been hard for him to really deal with that. His choices had led to her and he not getting along, at all. And so he had come to firmly believe he did not belong anywhere. He had begun setting himself apart. A trip to his home universe, and another to the universe his teacher had come from had only reinforced those impressions and choices.

When he finally found himself here, nothing had changed. He interacted with others but he did not become one of them.


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